Cinema box App Download : For all those movies, anime, cartoons and sitcom lovers out there, Cinema box is the app that is made just for you. By downloading this app you do not need to spend any money and you can easily watch the latest entertaining movies, cartoons etc with just your cellphones or other devices.

Endless fun shows to watch with your friends and family are now at your fingertips. From Comedy to drama, from thriller to suspense, more than 20 genres can be found and you have a large range and variety to choose from. What are you waiting for!

Cinema box Apk Download for android : Cinemabox HD APP

Let’s learn how to download this amazing application! This application is not available on our Google play store or Apple app store so just follow the steps shown below to easily download and use the application.

CinemaBox for android

CinemaBox for android

Method A – How to download the Cinema box application for android devices.

Step 1 – As you cannot find this app on the Google play store you will have to download it through another source. So first of all you need to change settings in your phone for your phone to be able to install the app. Locate the settings application in your android device and then tap on it. Go to the security option and then turn the ‘Unknown services’ on. Now you can install the apps even if they are not available on the Google Play store.

Step 2 – Go to official site to download the application. You will see in a green box the option of ‘Install App’ so click on it.

Cinemabox for android

Cinemabox for android

Or else you can also just scan the QR code and install the app. Easy right?

Step 3 – Go through your files and find the apk of the cinemabox app to install it.

Step 4 – Install the application.

Step 5 – Now the installation might take some time so be patient and once the installation is complete locate the app in your menu and click on it to open it.

Method B – How to download the Cinema box application for ios devices.

Step 1 – A lot of times ios devices need jail break in order to install streaming apps from other sources instead from the app store but you do not need jail break in order to download Cinemabox.

Make sure that before you begin the installation, you need to logout from your existing account on the app store. Download this cinema box app new file whenever you try to install it.

Now again as you cannot find this app on the App store you will have to download it through another source. You can download it here

Step 2 – Now when you install it, your ios device will ask for permission to be able to continue so click on the ‘Install’ option.

Step 3 – Now your cinemabox is installed! Congrats.

Step 4 – Locate the app on your home screen and launch it. Now please make sure not to sign into itunes as when you launch the application, the app will ask you if you want to sign into your itunes account, make sure to click on the ‘Cancel’ button.

Use different user account details for logging into itunes.

(Username – (Password – Cinema01)

Step 5 – To log in, use the details mentioned above and now you are ready to use the cinemabox application for your ios device. Just launch this great app and watch everything that you want to see! All of your favorite movies, animes, etc all for free.

And by chance you are not able to sign in then do not worry, try again after a while or maybe the next day.

Features that make Cinema box an awesome application to use –

  1. Lots of genres to choose from, action, comedy, romance, thriller, etc.
  2. You can choose any genre then easily search for movies and shows etc just related to that.
  3. The cinemabox app has a good user interface that is easy to understand and convenient to use.
  4. The updates for the latest movies and shows are very regular from the developer’s side.
  5. Not only regular movies but you can find tons of animated movies as well.
  6. You can also put shows and movies, etc in the favorites list and it will become easier for you to watch them whenever you want because you will not have to search for it every time you wish to watch it.
  7. Not just online stream, you can actually download anything you want through the cinema box application itself. There is an option to download the shows, anime episodes, etc.

How to Use Cinema box HD App ?

If you are confused as to how to use this app, we will teach you how to do it.

In the home page there are two sections.

  1. Popular movies.
  2. New movies.

To see the latest movies, click on ‘New’. You can also search the movie or show that you want to see by its name. You can see a magnifying glass on the top right corner, click on that and enter the name of what you wish to see or download.

Right next to the magnifying glass option, you can see that there is an option that looks like a folder. Click on it to be able to see the various kinds of genres available on the app.

cinemabox for android

cinemabox for android

Even streaming is very easy. Once you are done choosing the movie or show that you want to see, click on it. Once you click on it you can see the files in it. You also have an option to view images in the photo gallery of any specific category.

If you want to download any movie on cinemabox, you can do it after playing the video by clicking on the icon as shown in below pic. You can also play the movie on your smrt-TV or Browser using Wi-Fi option in cinemabox.

Once you click on the video, if you wish to download it, then there is an option in the top right corner. Click on that. Just on the left of the download option you have the wifi option so that you can easily watch this video on your smart tv. Isn’t that so cool?

In the bottom right corner you also have the options to select the quality in which you want to see the video. You can also turn the subtitles on by just clicking on the option called ‘CC’.

cinemabox hd app download

cinemabox hd app download

That is all you need to know! Now you can watch or download anything you want to without any trouble.